Would you like to take some time to relax?

Do you live with stress, anxiety, pain, fatigue or burnout?

Would you like to develop oppportunities for well-being in your workplace?

Being Yoga & Zonterapi can help


Being Yoga offers different styles of yoga to acknowledge that we need different things, at different times. Meditation, breathwork and relaxation are an integral part of what I teach.

With a focus on mindfulness and encouragement to work with where you are, no matter where that is. Full instructions given. 

Yoga is a great way to enhance your inherent understanding of what you need in your body and mind.  Improve your balance, strength, focus, concentration, body confidence. 

Hatha yoga including * Mindful yoga * Yin * Restorative * Chair Based Yoga * Private 1:1 sessions and small groups

Zonterapi /Reflexology

Zonterapi is a deeply relaxing and soothing treatment, individually tailored to your needs.

It involves massage to the feet, hands or face, where reflex points are pressed to help bring about balance in the body. Based on zone theory, the reflex points correspond to different parts of the body, by removing blockages, so that blood, lymph fluid, and energy can flow. The human body is built to find its way back to balance (homeostasis). Zonterapi aims to help this process. 

I practice the Ingham method for the feet and Bergman for face. 

You only need to take off your socks, soothing balm with essential oils is applied to your feet and the treatment begins....

Zonterapi can support those of you feeling low in energy /fatigue,  or experiencing stress, anxiety, pain and difficulties sleeping. 


Restorative yoga

Meditation and Fika

Partner Yoga

Painting mandalas

Yoga Nidra


Sound baths

Meditation courses

Mindful cooking

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Would you like to offer an event or retreat at your location? Contact me to discuss working together

Well-being in the workplace 

Would you like to increase well being in your work place?

There is lots of evidence showing how stress kills productivity, with 'burn out' being one of the top reasons for long term sickness. 

Contact me to arrange a wellness package for your colleagues including: Yoga, meditation, reflexology and indian head massage as well as relaxation afterwork / team building. 

Reflexology and indian head massage are perfect as mini workplace massages (no need to take off clothing) so why not arrange a lunch visit once a month?

I would love to help you take care of your employees!

Home visits

Home or office visits are absolutely possible,  just contact me to arrange!

The studio and treatment room a floor up, there is no lift.  Therefore if you are unable to use the stairs please talk to me and I can visit you.  

If you are able walk upstairs but would like a home visit for your own convienence, 10% will be added to the treatment cost for travel time and cost.  

I am able to visit residential homes to offer treatments, contact me to discuss. 

Gift cards

Give a gift of relaxation 



Indian head massage 

Gluten and Lactose free sweets and cakes

Herbal Teas

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